Monday, June 13, 2011

it's not the end but a new beginning

Updated below: there's no need to subscribe to a new feed! If you already subscribed to this one, it will now pull from the new site, so you're all set!

My dear readers:

For some time I've been feeling a bit hamstrung: I love this blog and I want to keep its focus on early modern books and book history. But I'd like to have room to write beyond that mandate as well, as the mood hits. Rather than start a second blog, I've decided to create my own website, where I can not only blog about books but blog on other subjects and do all sorts of other things as my very own domain name.

So with this post I bid farewell to blogger and announce Wynken de Worde's new home at my new online home, At the new site you can continue to read only the Wynken de Worde posts by viewing only that category of posts or by subscribing to its feed. Posts on topics other than early modern books will be in a different category, "In other words," which will have its own feed. Of course, you can just read everything by visiting or subscribing to the general feed. simply staying subscribed to the feed that originated with this site; I've updated it so that it now pulls from the new site, so there's no need for you to do anything if you're already subscribed! (This is how much I love that you read what I write and how much I hope you will continue to do so.) I'd be mightily surprised if I blog with any greater frequency there than I do here, so you certainly won't be swamped!

I'm going to leave this blog up so all your old links to it will continue to work, but I am shutting down comments. I've ported over all my old content from here so you'll be able to find it at my new site (albeit undoubtedly with some glitches). All new content will appear only at, there's a new post there right now waiting for you--so I will look forward to seeing you over there!