Wednesday, December 23, 2009

UPDATE: commenting problems FIXED!

UPDATE: w00t! I think I've now solved the commenting glitch by returning to the hideous pop-out comments as opposed to embedded comments. The important thing is not the beauty of the design but that you can share your wisdom with me! So please do!

You can ignore what follows, except that if you find you are having problems, please email me at the address given below so that I can try to fix it!

I think the blogging powers that be are angry with me for being a once-a-month poster! But whatever the reason, there's some sort of bug affecting the ability for some of you to sign in and leave comments. Of course this happens when I've specifically asked for your feedback! I'm working on solving the problem--if any of you bloggers have had this happen to you, I'd be happen to hear your thoughts on how to fix it.

I'm reluctant to open up comments to all and sundry anonymous folks, but I do want to know what you want to add to the top ten list. So, please feel free to email me at wynken DOT blog AT gmail DOT com with your suggestions or tweet them to @wynkenhimself.

In the meantime, I'll make some sacrifices to the blogging powers (old mice? flash drives? the aroma of freshly minted e-books?) and will let you know when everything is up and running again!


Ceirseach said...

In the interests of testing...

I wonder if that ought to be mouses, when referring to the computer peripheral? And if it ought, how would we ever convince every English speaker in the world of it?

Sarah Werner said...

According to Wordnik, mouses is already gaining ground, although it's also clear that it's especially prevalent with question marks and exclamation points:

I sit corrected, surrounded by my mouses!